allows you to test and simulate your iOS app.  All you need to do is upload your project code from the simulator and takes care of the rest.  It is really simple and their directions are very straight forward.  They’ve also built plugins for wordpress and thus I have installed and enabled that plugin so you can see an example of the latest app I am working on.  Feel free to test it out! [ url=”” orientation=”portrait” device=”iphone5″]    

So here is what’s really interesting about the update. The upgrade was extremely simple (and OTA) After the install, my iphone5 isn’t sluggish at all. All my apps work Many apps are already update to support the new iOS. All of this may seem simple to you, but this is quite impressive.  Impressive on Apple’s behalf but as well as the developers.  Normally an upgrade occurs and apps don’t work and things are broken , etc.  Remember the iphone5 brought in a new screen.  One year later developers already have programmed for the iphone5 so it’s not a problem this time around.  Furthermore, many developers put the effort and time to make sure their product would run under iOS7 and[…]

What is one of my favorite products? Well for myself and most likely for many others, it’s a no-brainer:  my smartphone.  Why?  The main reason is that you are always connected and you have access to anything, anywhere at any time.  It’s an extension of us and therefore we have become more and more dependent upon the product. Needs Features Benefits  All-in-one portable device  Multi-sensor device (3G, GPS, Accelerometer)  Facilitate the transportation of electronic devices by using 1 device instead of 4 or 5  Portable web browsing  Safari  Facilitate web browsing by transporting a portable device instead of a laptop computer  Portable email access  Mail Client  Facilitate email by transporting a portable device instead of laptop computer  Mobile Payments  Multiple options[…]