So BBM is finally coming to iOS and Android, but is it too late?  Well, yes.  Remember AOL had over 200 million users on their chat program.  It’s integrated into gmail chat now today too, but who uses it now?  I look at RIM as a company that will just slowly fade into oblivion, however from what I have seen, it may not even be slowly.  Many people do depend upon their platform, but if that platform disappeared tomorrow, there is enough security on the other platforms to support and do what RIM does.  Furthermore, if people want physical keyboards, almost all phones have some type of add-on functionality to convert the phone. There really is no true value brought[…]

What is one of my favorite products? Well for myself and most likely for many others, it’s a no-brainer:  my smartphone.  Why?  The main reason is that you are always connected and you have access to anything, anywhere at any time.  It’s an extension of us and therefore we have become more and more dependent upon the product. Needs Features Benefits  All-in-one portable device  Multi-sensor device (3G, GPS, Accelerometer)  Facilitate the transportation of electronic devices by using 1 device instead of 4 or 5  Portable web browsing  Safari  Facilitate web browsing by transporting a portable device instead of a laptop computer  Portable email access  Mail Client  Facilitate email by transporting a portable device instead of laptop computer  Mobile Payments  Multiple options[…]

Check out this article here.  If you aren’t familiar with Whatsapp, it’s a messaging platform that exists on pretty much every mobile device.  It was and is the leader.  There really isn’t anything fancy about the app; it’s just that it works on so many platforms and it has so many users.  It of course uses your data connection, whether it be wifi or 2g/3g/4g.  Furthermore, you can add voice, text, media, location, contact information to any message.  It’s pretty easy and simple.  They have been atop the rankings in the Apple Store for a long time.  This company is in a solid position and if Google does intend to buy them, Whatsapp has the upper hand. There are competitors[…]