What is one of my favorite products?

Well for myself and most likely for many others, it’s a no-brainer:  my smartphone.  Why?  The main reason is that you are always connected and you have access to anything, anywhere at any time.  It’s an extension of us and therefore we have become more and more dependent upon the product.

Needs Features Benefits
 All-in-one portable device  Multi-sensor device (3G, GPS, Accelerometer)  Facilitate the transportation of electronic devices by using 1 device instead of 4 or 5
 Portable web browsing  Safari  Facilitate web browsing by transporting a portable device instead of a laptop computer
 Portable email access  Mail Client  Facilitate email by transporting a portable device instead of laptop computer
 Mobile Payments  Multiple options (square, paypal)  Facilitating the payment process


The majority of time the features come from the software and not the hardware.  This is due to new robust mobile operating systems that can support advanced applications.  For example, a camera has been on a phone for a long time, but the difference with a smartphone is that there is an app, like Instagram, that allows you to instantly modify, enhance and share the photo to a social network.  This platform doesn’t exist on a feature phone because a feature doesn’t have a robust mobile operating system to allow for this set of functionality.

However, with new advances in technology, we will undoubtedly see new hardware components and sensors integrated into future phones to increase our benefits out of the smartphone.  For example, Apple is expected to release fingerprint security functionality in the latest iPhone.  This new hardware enhancement will fill the user’s need for a more secure device.

The future of the smartphone will be based on the new hardware and the new software libraries/frameworks built within the operating systems.  Even though we have some major advances in the smartphone world, I truly do believe we have only touched the tip of the iceberg.


Anyone have any predictions  for possible future hardware components/sensors or applications?