Some of you might have seen this recent article on TUAW which indicates that Apple takes in 74% of Mobile App Revenue even though Google is #1 in downloaded apps.  Well Google better be #1 in downloaded apps ,there are many more devices out there.  In an case, this number won’t always stay this way.  It needs to change or everyone will just code for Apple.  However, even if more revenue is generated by Apple’s platform, you should still code for both Google and Apple minimally.  No app should exist solely on one platform.  It’s stupid because there are over a billion Android and iOS devices in the word.  Why cut your options in half just because Apple should get you more revenue?  In any case, we should look at this breakdown of revenue.  If we had it…For example what encompasses the revenue?  What type of apps and so forth?  That’s critical to know what’s really working.  Maybe AppAnnie has the info too?