Ever drive in the city where a car suddenly pulls over and either blocks you from moving forward or causes you to stop pretty quickly?  Either they are dropping someone off or picking someone up.  Yes, at least the majority of time they put on their hazards, but that’s normally too late, and at the same time they pull over.  Are you aware of this phenomena?  This is happening more and more due to Uber drivers and Lyft drivers.  Sure, I love using them like most people, but their sudden pulling over to pick up or drop someone off can be a safety concern.

See, from behind, it looks like a normal car.  You see no sign of a taxi service. But when then car pulls over and the hazards go on, you know its Uber or Lyft.  BUT, you can only find out until you pass the car and look for their logo in front.  That being said, I am asking Uber and Lyft to have all drivers include some logo or decal on the back of the car that’s easily visible so us drivers from behind know its a taxi service.  Once we see this, we will be more consciously aware that sudden stops may occur.  See, a standard taxi doesn’t need to do this because the entire car is painted for a taxi.  It’s clearly obvious when we are driving behind a taxi:  the whole car is decorated in taxi paint and has a light on top.  Uber and Lyft have no indications, decals, or signs except for the little Uber logo inside the windshield and now Lyft’s little mustache upfront.  We need signage from behind so us drivers from behind know you are an Uber or Lyft driver, who may make sudden stops.


It’s not that  hard to do.  Will Uber or Lyft please help on this matter?





One thought on “Sudden stops by Lyft and Uber drivers

  1. lyftatx says:

    Or you could maintain a safe following distance. The onus is of course on both drivers to drive safely, but your request to taxi up our cars does not hold a lot of water

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