Hello @SprintCare

My recent situation occurred when my mom upgraded her service at the Sprint Store by ArchTelecom in Bridgewater Mall, New Jersey.  The overall purchasing of the phone actually wasn’t painful, however, one issue was that the sales representative added a monthly insurance without asking us.  I luckily caught that and told him to remove it.  Secondly, we were told she had to pay $35 for upgrading.  That is ridiculous.  My mother is already a customer and you are making her pay $35 more to pay for a more expensive plan.  There is no reason for this whatsoever.  The sales rep there said he couldn’t do anything but to call into Sprint.  I did call into Sprint but they said they couldn’t refund the whole $35 but rather $20 as he said this should have been done by the sales rep.  Again, this is ridiculous.

The saga continues…as my mom realized that service was horrible in both her home and her daughter’s.  When she decided to return it she was told it had to be at the same store.  Again you are nationwide company and she had to return the same store.  This is ridiculous.  Anyhow, luckily she was coming back into NJ from Ohio and went directly to your Sprint store to resolve this. However it was day 15 and the sales rep said he couldn’t do anything for us since returns only occur within 14 days.  The fact of being one day late, is ridiculous that he wouldn’t help.  He said to call Customer service, whereas he could have helped us and worked with customer support, but he didn’t.  That is ridiculous.

We called customer support and finally someone was able to help us and say they would allow us to go back to the plan she had before, but she needed the store’s sales rep to accept the return of the phone first.  See my point why it would have been best if the sales rep called Sprint Customer Support.  However the sales rep left and the current one was assisting another client.  The Sprint Customer Support rep said she would call back in 30 mins.  She never did.  That is ridiculous.  The sales reps at this Sprint Store in Bridgewater mall didn’t want to help and made my mom’s life painful.  They kept making different excuses (albeit because they were losing an upgrade) and it took my mom over 3 hours to get this resolved.  That is ridiculous.  Finally, this store said my mom had to pay a restocking fee of $35.  Whereas Apple does not charge one.  See here:  http://store.apple.com/us/help/iphone  That is very ridiculous.

The problem I see here is both customer service at this reseller in the Bridgewater Mall and your main Customer Support.  Both failed and failed really hard and made my mom’s life miserable for something that should be simple.

I would love to know how you could make amends to this horrible situation.  here is my cell:  650.353.7877.  If you prefer not to call, you can email me: jatkin@gmail.com.  I’d love to hear your response.


Thanks, Joshua




Address: 400 Commons Way, Bridgewater, NJ 08807

Phone:(908) 203-5946