Nice title right?  I don’t have an answer for you though, just being direct up front. First off, the importance to this title is to “earn the most” and not think you will earn $10k a year on your car.  I know Getaround advertises $10k per year, but you need to be realistic on what your car can earn.  FYI, the $10k a year means you would earn $833.33 per month.  With a 40% cut, that means you need to “sell” $1,388.88 worth of your car per month.  It’s a lot but doable for certain cars in certain locations.  However, our focus is not how to earn $10k, but how to best price your car. Let’s look at your costs[…]

So my check engine light went on  a few weeks ago.  Does that mean I am going to die?  No of course not, but it leads to a world of vagueness, ambiguity, uncertainty and concern.   So what’s the error? Well, go to a body shop or your dealer and they can tell you.  WTF? Are you kidding me?  Imagine a laptop was that way?  Sure of course they aren’t the same animal and a car is much more complex, but why do error codes have to be hidden from drivers?  That makes us less informed and more scared when we are in the unknown. 1.  Why can’t an error come up with details of the error and the circumstances[…]