I’ve had some recent experiences with http://getaround.com that has led me to this blog post. First off, why do I use it?  It’s much cheaper than Zipcar and I tend to see a pretty good list of options. Second, what happened that led me to write this post?  I had reserved a car through their online system.  The website is totally fine and seems to work great.  However, one oddity I had with the iPhone app is that when I filtered pricing by day (instead of hour or week), it would only show the hourly rates.  Odd of course so I just used the website which worked fine.  So, I booked my car and when I went to pick it[…]

App.io allows you to test and simulate your iOS app.  All you need to do is upload your project code from the simulator and app.io takes care of the rest.  It is really simple and their directions are very straight forward.  They’ve also built plugins for wordpress and thus I have installed and enabled that plugin so you can see an example of the latest app I am working on.  Feel free to test it out! [app.io url=”https://app.io/JFYvyS” orientation=”portrait” device=”iphone5″]